Inventor Advanced - CAM

Inventor Advanced - CAM Course Overview

Course Description

This course is for CAM or CAD users who want to learn to create CNC strategies on Inventor CAM for 2.5 axis machines and drilling cycles. This course covers the techniques required to take a model from the CAD environment, plot toolpaths, simulate and post process them to gcode.

Course Duration

3 Days


Understand the fundamental concepts, workflows and benefits of using Inventor HSM.

Who Should Attend?

For Inventor users that wish to utilize the HSM CAM environment to create 2, 2.5 axis and drilling toolpaths and process them into g-code for use on a CNC machine.


Fundamental Inventor software knowledge is advised; essentials level training is adequate. It is recommended that users understand CNC machining theory.

Course Outline

2D Milling & 3D
  • Setup milling stocks
  • Cover all 2D milling strategies
  • Adaptive clearing and its benefits
  • Create tools and holders
Drilling cycles
  • Create drilling cycles
  • Use tapping cycles for threads
Tool Library
  • Create new libraries
  • Create new milling tools and holders
  • Create new turning tools
  • Copy and edit existing tools and holders
  • Simulate generated toolpaths
  • Explore simulation settings
  • Use simulation to detect clashes
Posting processing
  • Post tool strategies to G-code
  • Explore post processor settings
  • Look at various post processors available
Reviewing code
  • View code in HSM Edit
  • Compare posts to highlight differences
  • Review interface and settings

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