Inventor Advanced C Simulation

Essentials Course Overview

Course Description

This course will introduce you the fundamental principles and recommended workflows for analyzing designs and creating dynamic simulations of mechanisms. You will learn to validate digital prototypes by simulating the operation of mechanisms and motorized assemblies. You will also learn how to analyze parts and assemblies, perform parametric design studies, and use modal analysis.

Course Duration

1 Day


The primary objective of this courseware is to introduce users to the user interface, tools, and recommended workflows in the Autodesk Inventor Professional Dynamic Simulation and Stress Analysis environments.

What Will You Learn?

  • Validate digital prototypes by creating dynamic simulations of mechanisms using joints and environmental constraints.
  • Eliminate redundancies in a design.
  • Interpret dynamic simulations results.
  • Analyze parts and assemblies and perform parametric design studies.
  • Practice solving real-world design problems.

Who Should Attend?

Users of Autodesk Inventor Essentials.

Course Outline

Introduction to Engineering Analysis
  • Stress analysis overview
  • Dynamics simulation overview
Conducting Stress Analysis
  • Static stress vs modal analysis
  • Simplifying model
  • Applying simulation constraints
  • Applying loads
  • Specifying contact conditions
  • Preparing thin bodies
  • Generating mesh
  • Running simulation
Analyzing Stress
  • Interpreting results
Analysis Simulation Results
  • Using result, scaling, display and report tools
  • Conducting parameter studies
Frame Analysis
  • Frame analysis setting
  • Frame constraints
  • Frame loads
  • Connection
  • Results
Conducting Dynamic Simulation
  • Creating joints
  • Defining loads and joint properties
  • Building non-redundant models
  • Working with environmental constraints
  • Running simulations and analyzing results
Export and Share Result
  • Exporting to FEA
  • Using dynamics simulation result with stress analysis
  • Exporting motion loads to stress analysis
Engineering Problems and Solutions
  • Calculate the maximum acceleration of a cross
  • Create a cam part from motion outputs
  • Size a spring for a bike suspension
  • Size an actuator
  • Optimization of a link arm

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