Inventor Advanced C Sheet Metal Design

Advanced Sheet Metal Design

Course Description

This course will introduce you the fundamental principles of sheet metal design. You will learn how to create and manage sheet metal designs; understand basic sheet metal concepts, and builds on them to include complex modeling practices for forming sheet metal parts, assemblies, and drawings.

Course Duration

2 Days.


The primary objective of this courseware is to provide students with a thorough understanding of the sheet metal design, validation, and documentation processes necessary for developing products using Autodesk Inventor Sheet Metal.

What Will You Learn?

  • Describe the terms and concepts of sheet metal design, create a sheet metal part and manage sheet metal styles.
  • Explain the characteristics of a face, flange, contour flange, and hem sheet metal feature and create them.
  • Create sheet metal designs by employing skeletal modeling, using legacy flat pattern and 3D models.
  • Create and edit sheet metal drawings and document them using annotation tools designed specifically for sheet metal drawings.

Who Should Attend?

Users of Autodesk Inventor Essentials.

Course Outline

Understanding Sheet Metal
  • Exploring user interface of Autodesk Inventor sheet metal
  • Sheet metal concept and terminologies
  • Benefit of each sheet metal design methods
  • Understand sheet metal templates and rules
Getting to know the Features
  • Starting with a base features
  • Creating secondary flange features
  • Face
  • Flanges
  • Contour flanges
  • Contour rolls
  • Lofted flange
  • Hem
Adding, Removing or Deforming Operation
  • Cuts, hole and punch
  • Folding and bending
  • Corner round and corner chamfer
  • Corner seam
  • Unfold and refold
  • Rip
  • Mirror and pattern features
Sheet Metal Design Techniques
  • Sheet metal design approaches
  • Using skeletal models
  • Using legacy DXF/DWG flat layout geometry
  • Using legacy 3D geometry
  • Complex sheet metal creation techniques
  • Punch library setup
Working with the Flat Pattern
  • Exploring the flat pattern edit features
  • Adding manufacturing information
  • Using flat pattern definition dialog box
  • Manufacturing flat pattern
  • Sketching on flat pattern
Annotating Sheet Metal Design on Paper
  • Link Autodesk Inventor knowledge for creating custom drawing for sheet metal design  Adding bend, punch and flat pattern annotation
  • Punch table
  • Cosmetic centerlines

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