Inventor Advanced C Plastic Design Features

Advanced Plastic Design Features Course Overview

Course Description

This course will introduce you the fundamental principles of mold design for plastic parts. You will learn how to create a mold cavity and core, design the injection feeding systems as well as other required components for a mold. You will also learn how to analyze and document design using Inventor Tooling.

Course Duration

2 Days.


The primary objective of this courseware is to provide users with a thorough understanding of the principle requirements and components of a plastic part mold; how to design, validate and document an injection mold design using Autodesk Inventor

What Will You Learn?

  • Describe the characteristics and process of creating a plastic part mold design and begin the process of creating a mold assembly.
  • Create the mold core and cavity after configuring and analyzing the part.
  • Complete the creation of a mold design by adding mold layout features and assembly design components.
  • Analyze the overall mold design, generate 2D drawings and explain how to provide DWF files to others

Who Should Attend?

Users of Autodesk Inventor Essentials.

Course Outline

Begin Creating Plastic Injection Molds
  • Plastic injected part design
  • Create a mold assembly
  • Adjust and pattern a placed part
Learn to Create Plastic Part Using Inventor
  • Thicken and offset
  • Differentiate shell and split
  • Understand grill and rest
  • Rule fillet
  • Understand boss and snap
  • Creating lip and groove
  • Rib, web and draft
Designing Mold Core and Cavity
  • Gate position, material shrinkage and workpiece definition
  • Analysis for optimization
  • Parting design
  • Core/cavity inserts
Mold Layout and Assembly Design
  • Creating runners, gates and cold wells
  • Creating mold base
  • Ejecting part
  • Sprue bushings and locating rings
  • Cooling system
  • Lock sets
  • Combining mold components
Verify and Communicate Mold Design
  • Analysis for verification
  • Communicating mold design

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