Inventor Advanced C Cable and Harness

Advanced Cable and Harness Design

Course Description

This course will introduce you to the fundamental principles and recommended workflows for creating and documenting 3D electrical parts and wire harness designs. You will learn how to add electrical components, cables, and wires to a design, route wires through an assembly to create a harness and ribbon cables. You will also learn how to document the wire harness assembly in drawings and generate reports.

Course Duration

2 Days.


The primary objective of this courseware is to provide students the recommended workflows and basic skills needed to using Autodesk Inventor.

What Will You Learn?

  • The functionality of cable and harness and the basic workflow to add and document cable and harness designs.
  • Wire a harness assembly.
  • Refine a cable and harness design.
  • Create and annotate 2D drawings and exporting the design data.
  • Create and manage the library files.

Who Should Attend?

Users of Autodesk Inventor.

Course Outline

Create Cable & Harness
  • Creating and placing electrical parts
  • Creating a harness
Wire Harness Assembly
  • Adding wires and cables
  • Routing wires and cables
  • Importing wire and cable data
  • Adding ribbon cables
Refine Cable and Harness Design
  • Modifying wires, cables, segments and ribbon cables
  • Working with splices
  • Working with virtual parts
Communicate the Design
  • Creating drawing views of cable and harness designs
  • Annotating nailboards
  • Exporting and reporting design data
Configure Library & Report Files
  • Library definitions and library files
  • Configuration files for reports, imports and exports

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