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Autodesk PowerInspect

Autodesk PowerInspect

Make inspecting complex free-form surfaces simple with a wide range of measuring devices

Autodesk PowerInspect offers a powerful solution for inspection, validation and quality control for all types of measurement equipment. Measurement can be taken for granted but it is of critical importance to manufacturing, in all sectors, including automative, aerospace and maritime.
No matter what the size, shape or industry you operate, each has a commitment to its team and its customers to ensure the highest levels of quality always.

Automated inspection programming

PowerInspect is a powerful inspection solution that has an intuitive user-interface and short learning curve, maximize machine utilization with graphical offline programming and minimize demands on operators.

Automated CAD inspection strategies help you create accurate surface and section inspection routines with optimized point distribution. Automatic collision avoidance gives you confidence that inspection sequences run safely before they are run on machine.

Why choose PowerInspect?

  • A single solution for a wide range of inspection hardware with intuitive user interface with a short learning curve
  • Highlight problems early in the manufacturing process and easy to read reporting with text and images
  • Prove path simulation & collision checking with multi-axis machine tool probing (OMV)
  • Avoid expensive re-machining or scrappage and integration with design and manufacturing


Manufacturing integration

Measurement repeatability

Dimensioning and reporting

Shared views

A complete inspection solution for measuring parts while they are still on the machine, also known as 'On Machine Verification' (OMV)

PowerInspect improves the accuracy of machining operations by aligning the machining coordinate system to the measure postition of the workpiece. 
Simplify inspections and guide manual operators through the inspection process with visual and audible aids.

Enhance the accuracy and precision of automated measuring equipment. Local 'best fits' allow you to increase inspection accuracy flexible parts and assemblies.
PowerInspect helps create attractive reports that are easy to understand. Graphical labels and dimensions simplify visualization and the CAD View report feature allows to place images from the CAD view anywhere in the report.
Use shared views to collaborate on a visual representation of your engineering measurement data online. 

Using a link or QR code you provide, anyone can view, and comment on, the shared view from any browser and device. You view and reply to comments and manage your shared view directly from PowerInspect.

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