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Autodesk Vault 
Collaboration and data management software

Vault data management software helps designers and engineers organize design data, manage documentation, and track revisions and other development processes.




  • Organize, manage, and track data creation, simulation, and documentation.

  • Vault Basic is included with subscription to Product Design & Manufacturing Collection and not sold separately.

  • Integrate dadvanced functionality and features with business applications.

  • Scale multisite business system integration.


Vault Features

Data management software helps organisations keep track of digital design data.

Vault for AutoCAD users

Spend more time perfecting designs

The Autodesk Vault product family is a comprehensive solution that allows you to centrally manage and securely track your 2D/3D design data throughout the project. Plus, Vault offers unparalleled, best-in-class integration with controls design for AutoCAD, AutoCAD Electrical, Mechanical, Plant and P&ID.

Vault for Autodesk 3D users

Focus on digital prototypes instead of managing data

The Autodesk Vault product family is a comprehensive solution that allows you to centrally manage and securely track your 3D and Digital Prototyping data throughout the design cycle—with best-in-class Autodesk CAD integration.

Vault for non-CAD users

It’s time to move to a better data management solution

The Autodesk Vault product family offers new features that make data management more secure, productive, and cost effective—while easily enforcing company CAD standards. It allows you to extend management capabilities to non-CAD users as well as provide Web Client access for data sharing.


Safely manage design data in one central location

  • Workgroups maintain control over their digital models.

  • Centralization prevents duplication, confusion, overwriting files.

  • Project leads grant access or control, and enable tracked changes.

Speed up the design process with product data management (PDM)

  • Deploy PDM applications in days versus months.

  • Quickly find and reuse design and engineering data.

  • Access revision and lifecycle control tools within the design application.

Collaborate more, both internally and externally

  • Exchange your design data with engineers.

  • Share designs with customers, manufacturing suppliers, and design contractors.

  • Connect workgroups across multiple sites in different locations.

Using Data Management with Autodesk Inventor

Working with a Distributed Team

Improve Engineering Productivity

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