Revit Architecture Advanced Training

Revit Architecture Advanced Course Overview

Course Description

This course will provide users with thenunderstanding of the advanced architectural design skills. Participants will learn about site design, advanced rendering techniques, phasing and design options, creating custom families, and collaborating on a design.

Course Duration

3 Days.


To impart advanced skills and thorough understanding of the principle architecture design and documentation processes.

What Will You Learn?

  • Making architecture families.
  • Working with schematic design.
  • Create visualization and rendering.
  • Work in collaborative environment using Revit Worksharing.

Who Should Attend?

Users with basic Architecture skills and completed Revit Architecture Essential courseware.

Course Outline

Using & Making Revit Families
  • What are Revit Families
  • Placing families
  • Loading families
  • Using families
  • Making families
Detailing in Revit
  • Creating a detail view
  • Creating detail elements
Tagging, Rooms & Color Fill Plans
  • Assigning tags
  • Define room in spaces
  • Add room tags
  • Modify room boundaries
  • Room separation line
  • Generate color room plan
Schematic Design
  • Import a 2D image
  • Design with 3D sketch
  • Create elements from mass
Materials, Visualization & Rendering
  • Define and assign materials
  • Graphic display options
  • Render a view
Site Modelling
  • Model a toposurface
  • Create a building pad
  • Split and merge surface
  • Subregion and graded region
  • Property line
  • Construction phases
  • Applying and working with phases in Revit
Plotting & Publishing
  • Importing and linking CAD & Revit
  • Copy & Monitor
  • Exporting to other Formats
  • Configure Worksharing
  • Save to central model
  • Worksharing display modes

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