Revit Architecture Essentials Training

Revit Architecture Essentials Course Overview

Course Description

This course will provide users with the understanding of the underlying principles of architectural design. It includes discussion on reasons for creation of building that consists of elements such as site, wall, floor, roof, stair, and railing modelling skills. You will learn to create 2D and 3D building design, details and annotation, construction documentation, and work-sharing.

Course Duration

3 Days.


To impart essential skills and thorough understanding of the principle architecture design and documentation processes.

What Will You Learn?

  • General concepts and workflow to an efficient architecture design.
  • Create details and annotation.
  • Manage construction documentation.
  • Create visualization and rendering.

Who Should Attend?

New user of Revit Architecture.

Course Outline

Getting Started with Revit Architecture
  • Understand BIM workflow
  • Staff a BIM project
Working with A Project
  • Create a new project
  • Project Browser & Project Properties
  • Navigating between views
  • Keyboard shortcut
  • Hide objects
  • Selection
General Drawing
  • Basic drawing tools
  • Basic modifying tools
  • Controlling dimensions
Level & Grids
  • Creating and using levels
  • Creating and using grids
  • Manage view properties
  • Working with views
  • Control object visibility & view range
  • Section box & selection box
  • Crop & crop box
Walls & Curtain Walls
  • Create generic wall
  • Modify and edit wall type and wall layers
  • Create and add curtain wall
  • Create and add compound wall
  • Create and add stacked wall
Floors, Ceilings & Roofs
  • Add a floor, ceiling and roof element
  • Sloped floors
  • Sketch and edit floor, ceiling and roof
  • Create and edit floor, ceiling and roof
  • Create openings
Stairs, Ramps & Railings
  • Create and edit railings
  • Create and edit stairs, multi-story stairs
  • Create and edit ramps
  • Dimensions
  • Adding texts and legends
  • Create and customize schedules
  • Create material takeoff
Create Construction Drawings
  • Create sheets
  • Revision tracking
  • Working with sheets
  • Print setting
Project Setting
  • Object & line styles
  • Units
  • Purge
  • Review Warnings

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