Changes to Autodesk Fusion in 2024

Changes to Fusion360
in 2024

Autodesk® Fusion® is a cloud-based 3D modeling, CAD, CAM, CAE, and PCB software platform for product design and manufacturing.


What is Autodesk Fusion industry cloud for manufacturing?

Autodesk Fusion industry cloud for manufacturing connects data, people, and processes across your entire product development ecosystem. Anchored on the Design and Make Platform, our industry cloud provides an end-to-end connected product development solution that unifies people, data, technologies, and workflows of product design and manufacturing.


What does the Autodesk Fusion industry cloud consist of? 

The Autodesk Fusion industry cloud breaks down workflow barriers and stands to transform the way work is done in the design and make category. Its foundation is: 

  • Autodesk Fusion and its integrated capabilities for product design, engineering, and manufacturing


  • Autodesk Data Model, which provides a single source of truth for project data.


  • Autodesk Platform Services and its toolkit of APIs for extensibility.

What are extensions in Autodesk Fusion and what are their benefits?

Extensions are a grouping of capabilities that can be added to Autodesk Fusion to provide additional functionality and subsequent benefits to users. Access to Autodesk Fusion extensions is delivered through flex access or subscription. They can be enabled inproduct using Autodesk Tokens or through Autodesk direct sales and channel partners.

  • One size doesn’t always fit all customers. Extensions for Autodesk Fusion enable users to extend their capabilities with productivity tools tailored to their role, helping increase their efficiency.


  • Extensions provide short term, flexible access to capabilities. Customers can decide whether to use an extension based on project demands or maintain access on an ongoing basis.

How does Fusion industry cloud connect with current design and manufacturing offerings?

Autodesk will continue to develop and improve existing desktop products such as Inventor and Vault as we build the Fusion industry cloud. Existing connections and interoperability will be strengthened between our core products and the Fusion industry cloud to support a fluid data exchange. If you’re an existing PDMC subscriber, you already have access to Fusion industry cloud through Autodesk Fusion within the collection. Autodesk Fusion extends PDMC workflows by providing access to advanced design and make capabilities. These current and future connections will allow Fusion industry cloud to augment other Autodesk product capabilities and provide new value through cloud-enabled automation workflows and data insights.

What changes are happening to extensions?

We will consolidate the 8 extensions down to 5 extensions. This helps simplify and adds value to the portfolio.


  • All current annual extensions will have a price reduction of about 8%.


  • Extensiosn will have '360" and '-' removed from their brand names

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