Thank you for visiting us at MTE 2023! | 24th - 27th May

Thank you for visiting us at MTE 2023! | 24th - 27th May

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At the recent Metal Engineering Expo (MTE 2023) held at the Setia City Convention Centre, our company had the privilege of participating as an exhibitor. Over the course of four exciting days, we showcased an array of revolutionary engineering solutions and unveiled attractive promotions on state-of-the-art tools. This immersive experience allowed us to connect with industry professionals, foster new collaborations, and showcase our commitment to pushing the boundaries of innovation in manufacturing.

With four dedicated tables at our booth, we spared no effort in showcasing the latest advancements in the field. The first table featured cutting-edge 3D scanners from Creaform, empowering manufacturers to capture precise digital representations of objects and revolutionize their design and inspection processes. Next, we exhibited top-of-the-line 3D printers from Raise3D and Cubicon, enabling businesses to bring their ideas to life with unparalleled accuracy and efficiency.


Our third table highlighted the Optical Inspection Stamping solution from Jenoptik, a game-changer in quality control and defect detection. This advanced technology ensures the highest level of accuracy and reliability, providing manufacturers with peace of mind and boosting overall productivity. Lastly, we also presented Autodesk software solutions, empowering engineers and designers with powerful tools for modeling, simulation, and collaboration, optimizing their workflows and driving innovation.


In addition to showcasing these exceptional engineering solutions, we also rolled out exclusive promotions on their prices. We wanted to ensure that businesses of all sizes could benefit from the latest technology and propel their manufacturing processes forward. Our team was thrilled to engage with visitors, answering their questions, providing demonstrations, and helping them find the perfect solutions to meet their specific needs, all at irresistible prices.


The expo provided us with a unique opportunity to connect with fellow professionals, industry leaders, and potential partners. Through engaging conversations and meaningful interactions, we exchanged insights, shared success stories, and explored avenues for future collaborations. It was truly inspiring to witness the passion and drive within the metal manufacturing community, and we are excited to continue nurturing these relationships beyond the expo.


Participating in MTE 2023 was an exhilarating experience for our company. We are immensely proud to have showcased our range of engineering solutions, from 3D scanners and printers to optical inspection systems and Autodesk software. The event allowed us to demonstrate our commitment to innovation, connect with industry professionals, and empower businesses in their pursuit of excellence.