Poké-pot Workshop + ROBLOX Mini Workshop

[Poke-pot 3D Modelling & 3D Printing Workshop X  Roblox Character Creation Mini Workshop]

Have you ever seen your kid busy designing, sketching and drawing? Or does he/she love making miniatures out of modeling clay? Let them join us! Unleash your kids' creativity & he/she will be the future inventors! 
An all-new learning method and new exciting themes workshops await your kids to join during this holiday with 3D modelling, 3D printing and AR! Do your kids love playing games like Pokemon & Roblox? Why not allow your kids to learn BUILDING things they love through play? 

📍 In Poke-pot 3D Modelling & 3D Printing Workshop, students are going to learn how to sketch, design and create the Pokemon-inspired pot - Poke-pot using Tinkercad. Eventually, they learn how to make the IDEA come to LIFE in their daily lives! Students will learn the steps and tips to 3D-print their design files.

📍 In the ROBLOX Character Creation Mini Workshop, students will learn to create ROBLOX avatars (or if they have one), to bring their design to the 3D modelling software for further development, and have their ROBLOX avatars be projected onto their physical surroundings, with mobile phones, iPads and tablets! 

The AR experience makes the whole workshop extra fun as students are able to visualize how their ideas are able to be realized in daily lives starting from design. 

Age Group: 9 years old and above l 6 - 8 years old

Devices Required: Laptop/ Computer, mouse

Software used: Zoom (digital classroom), TinkerCAD, CoSpaces 

Sign up NOW! You're able to receive:

💡 3D printed Poke-pot & ROBLOX well-built avatar (Choices are picked randomly)
💡 DIY kit with complete accessories and a detailed manual guide
💡 Autodesk Certificate of Completion after the workshops
💡 Qualified to participate in our TinkerCAD Design Contest

Learning Outcomes:

🎯 Learn to design in TInkerCAD
🎯 Learn the process to further develop design after creating the avatar
🎯 Learn to use CoSpaces to view avatar in AR environment

Limited seats only! Register now!

Please contact for more info:
Min Min: https://wa.link/1eslqh 
Jocelyn: https://wa.link/yio7v2
See you there!