FLEX 3A Series


FLEX 3A Series


Technical Specifications: FLEX 3A Series - making your life easier! Giving you a highly accurate data and Fully automated 3D sensor calibration. Why should this be your choice? Because on top of all that, it gives multiple view area scanning without targets. How amazing!

Usage: The FLEX 3A Series is commonly used for first sample inspection, automated sample inspection in manufacturing as well as easy control of incoming and outgoing tools and machined parts. Designed with a closed housing concept, giving you a long term stability of system calibration, the complete automation of multi-view image acquisition, data calculation, and evaluation to ensure capable application of the measuring equipment under production conditions.

Measurements: Refer below

Jenopatik FLEX 3A Series

High point density and accuracy in all phases of production and inspection


Non-contact 3D Measurement for Analyzing Manufacturing Inspection & Process Optimization

The FLEX-3A product line is designed for the incoming goods department, toolmaking, initial sampling and release, as well as for automated inspection during production. 

The high-resolution scan data is capable of being compared directly against a CAD model, or used for dimensional, shape, and positional tolerance measurements.

With object point resolutions down to 5 um, as well as our smart multi-image referencing using virtual targets, the FLEX-3A is ideally suited for high-precision automated 3D inspection of complex small parts.



 High precision & high resolution scan data    Industrial measurement technology & accuracy        Automated scanning & reporting



FLEX 3D Series

The FLEX-3A utilizes a closed housing concept, that when combined with complete automated data acquisition, calculation and evaluation, helps ensures long-term stable system calibration and operation under production conditions.

The use of an object fixed reference camera enables highly accurate and automated photogrammetric combination of partial views into one complete 3D model, with no need for registration targets.

Specifications FLEX-3A/12M FLEX-3A/5M
Available measuring fields 20mm to 210mm                                 20mm to 230mm
Camera resultion 12 Mio. px 5 Mio. px
Measuring point distances 5µm - 50µm 8µm - 90µm
Size (WxDxH) 855mm x 854mm x 930mm                                  855mm x 854mm x 930mm
Weight approx. 145kg approx. 145kg
Operating system Windows 10 Windows 10
Power Supply 230V / 50Hz / 5A 230V / 50Hz / 5A
Optional Vibration insulation table with air-spring elements Vibration insulation with air-spring elements
Image capturing time < 2s < 2s


Jenoptik FLEX 3A

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