PSS - 40


PSS - 40

Category: Test Stations

Brand: Jenopatik

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PSS 40:


Usage: PSS - 40 is designed with various functions such as a test station for punched stripes, camera inspection, stripe guide, drive unit, cutting unit, shift register, live zoom, live graphic, editor, and the list goes on!

Measurements: Refer below

Advantages: PSS 40 gives will bring you the advantage of high-precision measurement, weld spot inspection, surface testing, considerable cost reduction compared to ''traditional'' test technology, and many more!

Test Stations For Punched Strips


Process Optimization Ensures Your Quality, Increases Productivity and Saves Costs

PSS test stations effectively support the machine setter in the quick assessment of the quality of the parts directly at the press. This is possible also due to the live observation of the images of all cameras connected, even in combination. Manual proceeded random tests as performed with comparators are not required any more. Today, PSS test stations are increasingly used in prototyping, process optimizing and sampling phases of tools.


Device Equipment Can Be Configured According To Requirements

All the components of the PSS test stations are arranged in a modular,  service-friendly manner. The feeding height for the punch strips can be adjusted via the strip guide and the feet / rollers.

Applications for 100% inspection of stamped parts directly in the tool are particularly useful if the parts have already been separated in the tool.


Advantages of our In-Die modules

  • ♦ High-precision measurement, weld spot inspection, surface testing
  • ♦ Considerable cost reduction compared to ''traditional'' test technology
  • ♦ > 1800 stroke / min multiple falling
  • ♦ Image processing of the PSS-40
  • ♦ Use of several modules with corresponding installation space
  • ♦ Optional multiple cameras per module
  • ♦ Applications in reflected and transmitted light
  • ♦ SPS for controlling the separating station (optional)


PSS - 40 Series 

Optical in-line inspection of stamped parts | Jenoptik


       PSS - 40 / S

  • Width: 550mm
  • 'Depth: 900mm
  • Height: <2.100mm
  • Compact and space-saving design
  • Usually use of 2 - 3 cameras
  • Plate can be exchanged to the front
  • Control unit direction-dependent



       PSS - 40 / M

  • Width: 810mm
  • 'Depth: 1000mm
  • Height: 1920-2020mm
  • Installation space for at least 4 cameras
  • Plate laterally exchangeable
  • Belt drive swivelling
  • Control panel can be opened to the right


      PSS - 40 / MH

  • Width: 810mm
  • 'Depth: 1000mm
  • Height: 1920-2700mm
  • Installation space for at least 4 cameras
  • Plate laterally exchangeable
  • Easy access for mounting and replacing the exchangeable plate
  • Pivoting control panel
  • Belt drive swivelling

Jenoptik - test station for punched stripes

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