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Autodesk PowerShape

Autodesk PowerShape

CAD software for complex parts, electrode design, and modeling for manufacture

Autodesk PowerShape is at the forefront of Computer-Aided Manufacturing (CAM) software, with its innovative features and user-friendly interface. It specializes in high speed machining, as it supports 3-axis, as well as 3+2 and 5-axis procedures.

PowerShape provides complete control from beginning to end of the machining process, allowing you to prepare parts for fabrication using solid, surface and mesh modeling.

Why use PowerShape?

  • Create complex 3D geometry for multi-axis, high speed CNC machining

  • Combines surface, solid, mesh modeling to help engineers prepare molds, dies, and other complex parts for additive, subtractive, or hybrid manufacture.
  • Automatically repair poor-quality, imported CAD drawings

  • The built in wizards will save your time and effort of finding and correcting them. The software uses diagnostic shading to highlight geometry conflicts such as undercuts.

Boost CAM programming with flexible modeling tools 

Create geometry to better control CAM software 
- Work with any combination of surface, solid, or mesh data
- Import, analyze, and repair third-party designs
- Fix faults that can complicate downstream processes



Work faster with focused modeling for manufacture tools

Access wizards to automate common modeling tasks. Quickly convert product designs into molds, tools, and dies ready for CNC machining,
- Core and cavity splitting
- Electrode design and manufacture
- Automated rib capping for EDM


Automatically generate complex surfaces and position with ease

The Smart Surfacer feature can generate a variety of surface gemetries to suit your needs. PowerShape can mix solid, surface and mesh geometries on the same object, and you can apply cage morph tools to make it easier to place them. 

Import, edit and create additional geometry

Using the sketch and drawing tools, you can adapt your molds and parts, adding features or changing dimensions. This makes it easier to customize parts without having to completely redesign them.

Cloud connectivity for easy storage and collaboration

The Autodesk cloud allows you to save, store and share files remotely. 
This feature can be useful for your clients as they can upload designs and check on progress.


PowerShape Modelling for Manufacture

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