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What is Netfabb?: Netfabb software offers a complete toolset for design and implementation for additive manufacturing. You can streamline workflows and automate processes around 3D print preparation.

Who's suitable to use Netfebb?: Netfabb is used by additive engineers, industrial designers, mechanical engineers, and more. Anyone who needs to work with up-leveled additive manufacturing workflows.

Challenges.: Challenges in Additive Manufacturing includes Part Distortion & Print Failures; Creating Complex & Organic Forms; Machine Utilization & Throughput, and Planning CNC Finishing Operations.

Autodesk NetFabb


Design for additive

Process simulation

Model import, repair, and editing

Build preparation
Includes design optimization tools that help you achieve results that are lighter in weight, as stiff as flexible as needed, with your chosen aesthetics and unique material properties. Compensate your models based on simulation results to create a modified pre-form designed to warp into the desired shape when manufactured, resulting in nearly no net distortion.  Netfabb imports models from all leading CAD systems and convert them to editable STL files, helping speed up file handling. Includes a wide range of model editing tools, designed to help you create geometry for part labels or numbers. Analyze parts to identify areas that need support and generate build supports to help keep preparation time and material consumption as low as possible.

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