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Technical Specifications: Academia 3D Scanner - Designed to enhance your convenience with its portable, fast, and easy-to-use 3D measurement solutions. It won't take you too long to become an expert!

Usage: Technology has developed way too fast, and with Academia 3D Scanner, you can now create high-precision 3D models of real-world objects. How amazing is that? Commonly used for educational purposes as well.

3D measurement solutions - designed for the academic world

Creaform ACADEMIA, an academic solution suite for forward-thinking teachers and researchers looking to inspire, collaborate, and push the innovation envelope forward using the latest advancements in 3D measurement technologies.




  • Teaching  

    The ACADEMIA teaching package includes
            -  3 units of ACADEMIA professional-grade 3D scanners (other options available)
            -  5 years worry-free ACADEMIA Customer Care Plan
            -  Software suite with our reverse engineering and inspection software module
            -  Self-training documentation on ACADEMIA 3D scanners
  • Features

            -  Turnkey solutions with all the necessary add-ons to enrich your syllabus
            -  Most affordable professional-grade 3D scanner dedicated to teaching applications
            -  Software to use 3D scans in real-world engineering workflows
            -  Portable, fast and easy-to-use!

  • Research 

    The ACADEMIA research pacakage includes
    -  Metrology-grade portable 3D scanner(s) and portable CMM
    -  5 years worry-free ACADEMIA Customer Care Plan
    -  Includes reverse engineering and inspection software
  •  Features

            -  Turnkey solutions designed to carry out complex projects
            -  Complete portfolio of metrology-grade 3D scanners and a portable CMM at a special pricing for researchers
            -  Portable, fast and easy-to-use!


3D Measurement Solutions for Teaching and Research

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