Snowflake Ornaments DIY Box

STEM 3D Modelling & 3D Printing DIY Box for Kids

Since 2020, we have came out with a series of 3D Modelling & 3D Printing Workshop for kids, targeted age 8 and above. Indulging the kids in 3D modelling world, introducting 3D modelling & 3D printing technology since they are young. Kids able to learn while doing DIY with the 3D printed products. 

During Christmas 2021, we launched the Snowflake Ornaments DIY Box.




What's Inside the Snowflake Ornaments DIY Box?

  • 3D printed Snowflake Ornaments in different design (x3)
  • DIY beautiying materials (3D crystal stickers, glitter glue, craft gold string)
  • Acrylic colours and brush
  • Softcopy of 3D modelling step-by-step manual guide
  • 3D printing video
  • Self-evaluation reward card and stamp
  • Mysterious gift! 
  • FREE Delivery

Why kids are encouraged to learn 3D modelling & 3D printing?

3D modeling has changed the way we design; for the better. Not only does 3D modeling help the designers and end users visualize space requirements, but also improves drawing efficiency and accuracy.
  1. It helps develop their spatial thinking and imagining in 3D.
  2. It improves their visual skills.
  3. It promoted problem solving skills.
  4. It boosts their imagination and creativity.
Children learn to build different things through basic shapes by manipulating them. In fact, they are required to find novel solutions for building what they want. On the way they’ll strengthen their cognitive skills.

Autodesk Tinkercad


Autodes k Tinkercad is famous for its kids friendly 3D modelling tools and interface.

The basic principle behind Tinkercad is to place and adjust simple objects like spheres and cubes, which can then be added to or removed from each other in order to create more complex shapes. The simple concept and clear visualization make 3D modeling easy for anyone.

Apart from the standard tools, one particular feature kids may appreciate is the ability to literally scribble. This tool translates the movements of the mouse into a sketch on the screen, to be later manipulated as the junior designer sees fit.

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