AutoCAD Electrical Training

Course Overview

Course Description

This course will introduce you the AutoCAD Electrical main user interface, the workflow for electrical drafting, schematic symbols that come with various international standards, powerful schematic editing tools, standard circuit builder, customizations and the interoperability of AutoCAD Electrical with Autodesk Inventor Professional Routed System.

Course Duration

3 Days.


Users will learn the know-how of AutoCAD Electrical, enabling them to perform precise electrical drafting with the standards and tools available, and building up a virtual electrical wiring system in AutoCAD Electrical that can integrate all the “from-to” information with the cable and harness environment in Autodesk Inventor Professional.

What Will You Learn?

  • Working with international schematic drafting standards.
  • Detailed and easy to use schematic drafting tools and built-in standard circuit builder.
  • Interoperability of AutoCAD Electrical and Autodesk Inventor Professional.

Who Should Attend?

New users of AutoCAD, E&E stu.

Course Outline

AutoCAD Electrical User Interface
  • Quick Access Toolbar
  • Menu Bar
  • Ribbon Interface
  • Sticky Panels
  • AutoCAD Command Line
  • Status Bar
  • Save As with Various DWG Format
  • Tooltips
  • Navigation Keys, Mouse & Navigation Wheel
  • Paper Space & Model Space
  • Crosshair, Marker & Aperture Size
  • Search Command
  • DWG Encryption
  • Working in the Cloud with Autodesk A360
Workflow in Starting an Electrical Project and Drawing Configurations
  • Creating Project
  • Set Project Properties
  • Create New Drawings
  • Add Drawings to a Project
  • Viewing Drawings in a Project
Drafting Settings
  • Infer Constrains
  • Snap & Grid
  • Ortho & Polar Restriction
  • Object Snap, Snap Tracking, Object Snap Menu
  • Dynamic Input
  • Line Weight
  • Quick Properties
Wirings and Ladder Rung
  • Inserting Wires
  • Multiple Bus Wiring
  • Trimming & Stretching Wires
  • Creating & Changing Wire Types
  • Wire Color & Gauge Label
  • Source & Destination Signal Arrows
  • Check & Trace Wire
  • Wiring Style for Wire Cross and Wire Tree
  • Flipping & Deleting Wire Gap
  • Inserting Ladder
  • Add Rung
  • Revise Ladder
  • Resize Ladder
  • XY Grid Cross Referencing
  • X Zone Cross Referencing
Insert, Link and Edit Schematic Components
  • Schematic Tab & Icon Menu
  • IEC-60614, IEEE, IEC, JIC, JIS, NFPA Schematic Symbols
  • Automatic Wire Breaks
  • Intelligent Placement
  • Component Tagging
  • Component Annotation & Description]Parent/Child Relationship
  • Linking Components with Catalog Browser
  • Multiple Catalogue
  • Catalogue Check
  • Blocks or Components Swap
  • Plug/Receptacles Connectors
  • Editing Connectors
Schematic Editing
  • Tools in Marking Menu
  • Scoot
  • Move
  • Copy
  • Align
  • Delete
  • Toggling in Between NO & NC
  • Attributes Editing
  • Surfer Tool
  • Block Swap
Circuit Builder, Circuits with WBlock & Circuits to Icon Menu
  • 3 Phase & 1 Phase Motor Circuit & Power Feed
  • One-line Motor Circuit & Power Feed
  • Write Circuit as Block
  • Working with WBlock Circuit
  • Import Circuits to Icon Menu
Reporting Tools
  • Schematic Reports
  • Missing Catalog Data
  • DWG Audit
  • Electrical Audit
  • Report Formats
  • Placing Reports in Drawing
  • Export Report to File
  • Report Editing
Customization in AutoCAD Electrical
  • Symbol Builder
  • Mark and Verify Drawings
  • Project Utilities
Autodesk Inventor Professional Routed System
  • AutoCAD Electrical Connectors & Wirings
  • Cable & Harness Environment in Autodesk Inventor Professional
  • Electrical Parts Assignment
  • Import/Export Harness Data
  • Wires, Cables& Segment
  • Automatic and Manual Route

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