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Autodesk PowerMill is exprt CAM software for manufacturers of molds, dies and highly complex components wanting to achieve the maximum quality, control, and efficiency from their CNC machines. Access a vast library of toolpath strategies and cimbine with advanced optimization tools to generate the NC code needed to produce exceptional quality parts. Use powerful simulation tools to validate and enhance the motion of 5-axis machines.

                       SPEED IMPROVEMENT                                  USABILITY                                                            QUALITY / RELIABILITY

Why choose PowerMill?

  • Rapidly create high quality toolpaths on large, complex parts.
  • HIgh efficiency roughing strategies.
  • Work with sufaces, solids and STL meshes
  • Extensive library of tool types for use with 3-5 axis.
  • Automatic 5-axis collision avoidance.
  • Specialist tools for demanding industries and applications.


Drive productivity with 5-axis machining

Diversify and grow a high value business

Reduce cycle times with high-speed machining

Improve the quality of machined parts

Use the rotary axes of machines to produce undercuts and other challenging features. Define a 3D digital twin of your CNC machine and use to identify and avoid collisions, near-misses, axis reversals and machine over-travel. 

Avoid costly mistakes and build confidence to run CNC machines 'lights out' for increased productivity.
PowerMill offers specialized tools to help businesses grow and evolve. To gain a competitive edge and offer your customers a higher value service:

- Automated electrode manufacture
- Off-line programming of industrial robotics
- Efficient machining of engine ports and manifolds
Manufacture parts with high-efficiency roughing. Use the full length of solid carbide cutting tools to help increase material rates, reduce cycle time and prolong tool life.

Use intelligent 3D stock models to create efficient roughing and rest-roughing programs to remove stock with minimal air-cutting.
Access a vast library of finishing strategies and combines with a comprehensive suite of tools, including barrel cutters, to achieve exceptional levels of accuracy and surface finish.

Trim, reverse, divide and reorder programs without the need for wasteful toolpath recalculation.


Autodesk PowerMill Overview

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