Moldflow Insight Advanced

Advanced Course Overview

Course Description

In this course, students will learn about more complex analysis types available in Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight.

Course Duration

2 Days.


To guide and teach students advanced skills in performing FEA analysis and understanding analysis results using Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight.

What Will You Learn?

  • Setup and run a core deflection analysis.
  • How to set up vents and perform venting analysis.
  • Process optimization.
  • Design of experiment.
  • How to model mold and insert especially for transient cooling analysis.
  • Crystallization analysis.
  • Setup insert overmolding (3D) analysis and its result interpretation.
  • 2 shot sequential overmolding.
  • Rapid heat and cool process.

Who Should Attend?

Users of Autodesk Simulation Moldflow Insight Essentials.

Course Outline

✚ Part Insert Overmolding
  • Discusses capabilities and definitions with regards to run a flow analysis with part inserts

✚ Two-Shot Sequential Overmolding
  • Discusses the analysis capabilities
  • Learn to set up the analysis and review results

✚ Thermoplastic Venting
  • Learn the option to perform venting analysis

✚ Design of Experiment
  • Discuss the theory of DOE
  • Learn how to setup an DOE analysis
  • Result interpretation

✚ Process Optimization
  • Learn how to setup the analysis to determine optimum ram speed and packing profile

✚ Core Shift Analysis
  • Learn the how to prepare for, run and interpret the core shift analysis results.

✚ Transient Cooling
  • Learn how to prepare model for transient cooling analysis
  • Discuss how to use its results to investigate the change in temperature of the mold during an injection molding cycle

✚ Crystallization
  • Learn in the option of crystallization analysis
  • Discuss the results of crystallization analysis

✚ Heater Elements
  • Learn how to model heater components

✚ Rapid Heat & Cool
  • Discuss the rapid temperature cycling process together with its theoretical implementation

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