Simulation Solutions


Autodesk has put together one of the most comprehensive sets of simulation and analysis tools on the market. The shear breadth of our portfolio distinguishes us from our competition and provides us with the unique ability to develop solutions that serve the complexity of today’s engineering challenges.

From simple linear static stress, motion and dynamics, plastics, fatigue, thermal, fluids and multi-physic, our portfolio has been built to deliver on the promise of Digital Prototyping to enable our customers to experience their designs in a completely digital form, before they’re real.



  • Reduce time to market
  • Optimize material costs and design features
  • Increase product quality and reduce defects
  • Reduce costly physical prototype testing
  • Provide collaboration between design, engineering, and manufacturing
  • Increase product innovation
  • Provide a “virtual performance” product preview


Autodesk Simulation Products Lineup

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