Essentials Course Overview

Course Description

This course will introduce you the basic features, tools, and techniques of AutoCAD LT. You will learn about the user interface, basic 2D geometry drawing and modifying, assigning layer and come out with engineering drawing.

Course Duration

2 Days.


Provide basic drawing and modifying skill in layout design using AutoCAD LT.

What Will You Learn?

  • Perform design drawing using AutoCAD  LT user interface.
  • Utilize the fundamental features of AutoCAD LT.
  • Use precision drafting tools to develop accurate technical drawings in a detailed manner.
  • Print and plot in particular plotting style by configuring output devices

Who Should Attend?

New user of AutoCAD LT.

Course Outline

Understanding & Using Drawing Aids

  • Grid and snap
  • Differentiate ortho and polar tracking
  • Object snapping and object snap tracking
  • Dynamics input using different coordinate system
  • Importance of lineweight and transparency
  • Quick properties and selection cycling
  • Setting and uses icon

Exploring the Interface

  • Exploring AutoCAD LT for Windows UI
  • Setting drawing units
  • Using appropriate existing template
  • Option setting
  • Workspace switching

Basic Drawing Skills

  • Drawing & editing lines and rectangles
  • Cancelling, erasing, and undoing
  • Drawing circles, arcs, and polygons
  • Multiple fillet and chamfer
  • Offset polylines and lines
  • Function of ellipse in drawing

Editing Entities

  • Move and copy
  • Offset, rotate and scale
  • Creating and editing object for mirror and arrays
  • Trim and extend
  • Lengthen and stretch
  • Importance of join and explode
  • Grip editing
  • Regeneration and redrawing

Controlling Object Visibility and Appearance

  • Assigned object properties
  • Applying line type
  • Draw lines with current layer
  • Layer visibility and printability
  • Different type of properties assigning
  • Manage layer properties

Organizing Objects

  •  Defining blocks
  • Inserting and editing blocks
  • Redefining blocks
  • Function of group
  • Differentiate block and group

Hatching and Gradients

  • Function of hatching
  • Difference of hatching and gradients
  • Associating hatches with boundaries
  • Hatching with patterns and gradients

Working with Global Blocks

  • Differentiate blocks and global blocks
  • Saving global blocks property
  • Storing content on tool palettes


  • Creating and modifying dimension style
  • Applying dimension type

Creating and Editing Text

  • Modifying existing text style
  • Creating customize text style
  • Differentiate multiline text and single line

Working with Layouts and Annotative Objects

  • Creating custom page setup and annotative style
  • Creating layouts
  • Drawing and dimensioning on layouts
  • Adjust drawing position in viewport

Plotting and Export

  •  Configuring output devices
  • Introduction and creating custom plot style table
  • Using existing plot style table
  • Plotting particular area in modelspace
  • Plotting current layout in paperspace
  • Exporting file to other format

Storing, Presenting, and Extracting Data

  • Creating table in layout for border and title block
  • Creating customize template by step

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